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This site is run by Rachel for the purposes of supporting people and businesses who are going through periods of change but don’t have a clue where to start or the skills, time or headspace to put into creating a plan.

There are helpful articles and resources plus online training events to help you get started.  Rachel also works with private clients to help them find clarity in the direction they want to take and supports them in following their own unique roadmap towards  change.

Please look around and if you have any questions please ask Rachel using the Contact Form.




As I approached the end of my 36 year career in Information Technology I was looking to escape a desk and computer for a more rewarding job that provides an income to supplement my pension during semi-retirement. During our sessions together, Rachel provided invaluable support in exploring my seedling idea of a garden maintenance business to a genuine business proposition. Rachel’s coaching and experience has armed me with the techniques and knowledge to take something “fluffy” and make it into something “real”. I now have a robust business plan with which to launch my company. Rachel is expert at unlocking the power of the internet and social media, even for a small business like mine. Rachel challenged my marketing plan until we landed an appropriate and effective strategy. I cannot thank Rachel enough.

[Keith Hart – Hart of the Garden Maintenance]

Escape from the desk job

Hi Rachel,

I would like to express in writing once again my gratitude and to thank you for being such an amazing coach!

Our coaching sessions were a great help for me as I was in a very difficult period of my life when I needed to make important decisions which would have an impact on both my personal and professional life. Your support and careful listening, without any criticism or judging, helped me to gain the confidence to explore my frustrations and needs, and most importantly – to clarify what my life goals were and how best to achieve them.

My experience working with you has been amazing, insightful and profoundly helpful! BIG thank you, Rachel! J

Kind regards,
Neli Zhekova

Thanks for listening

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