Sometimes you wish it would speed up.

Sometimes you wish you could stretch out a moment forever.

But time keeps its own relentless pace.

You cannot change the past, or predict the future. All you can influence is the present and what you choose to do with the time you have today.

2 years ago today my dad passed away.

His time had run out. It bugs me that he spent a lot of his life working towards retiring, waiting for the time when he could relax, get out and see things and spend more time with mum. He only made it to 63 years old so didn’t have a chance to retire or live to do all the things he wanted to do. All his future plans and dreams came to nothing.

2 years ago today was the catalyst for change for me.

I learned a harsh lesson – if you want to do things, just go and do them, before your time runs out.

Sounds like a really easy decision to make, right?

In reality it is far from easy to implement.

Fear of change is a massive hindrance. Lack of self-belief is another. Worry about what people might say if you start to do things differently can stop you in your tracks. So what do you do? Rejoin the ranks and be like everyone else? Or embrace change.

I said “yes” to change by going from sofa to Everest Base Camp last year for the Steve Prescott Foundation. Not a natural mountaineer, I was driven on by the hope of leaving my comfort zone far behind me, and being that much closer to the cheery cloud I imagine my dad looking down from.

I have made a new habit of saying “yes” to changing things that will move me closer to the life I imagine. I am not continuing to file my dreams in a box labelled “Tomorrow” as one day, tomorrow may never come.

Go dust off your own “Tomorrow” box and imagine how much richer your life could be if you did some of tomorrow’s things today.

Love you dad – continuing to inspire me from wherever your cloud takes you. Sleep tight x

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