So, who is Rachel Jones?

Rachel is someone who has always struggled with having only a single answer to the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?

There was always an expectation on Rachel that her career would follow the typical path of finishing school with good grades, getting a good university degree and having a career in a management role in a good company.  So that is exactly what she did, albeit with a slightly unusual twist: moving from a degree in geology into a global logistics company, into software development, into developing training and coaching programmes, into IT service management, into project and programme management, into team management.   Not forgetting also running 2 diverse businesses of her own plus volunteering and fundraising for local charities in her spare time.

Oh and fitting in a charity trek to Everest Base Camp.

Looking back over Rachel’s varied career, the thread that pulls it all together is her sense of curiosity and willingness to try something new.  Each time Rachel tried something new, she had no direct experience of the new challenge she was taking on.  What she did have was the ability to identify which of her skills, experiences, interests and passions she could combine and build on in order to make saying “Yes” to trying something new less scary and ultimately making it a success.

Along the way Rachel has met many people who were either stuck in a rut, or who felt trapped in the wrong role and who have asked her for help to make a positive change in their lives.  This started out as helping friends and colleagues but as her passion for coaching grew, she joined the corporate coaching network whilst working for Hewlett Packard and over the next 7 years built a number of successful coaching relationships within the wider business, specialising in helping people find themselves new paths by identifying their unique strengths and interests and how they can make the most of them to make their career and lives more fulfilling.  Rachel uses this same skillset to great effect in helping small businesses also navigate their way through change.

How can Rachel help you?


Rachel and Mount Everest, Himalayas October 2016